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You send me to the school gate, I walked down the crowd into the examination room, do not look back, I can imagine your eyes in the complex emotions, I think I still go a little calm it.
But in front of the comic makes me rolling thoughts.
A child the first test 100 points, his face a kiss India, the second test of the 98 points, his face a palm; the other child the first test 55 points, his face a palm, the second test 61 Points, face a kiss printed.
I think that is the third time? The fourth time? As long as the scores fluctuate, the child's treatment will fluctuate. In the usual sense, the first child is eugenics it, the second is a very ordinary student, but all live in the fractional control of the world, joys and sorrows alternate, nowhere to run.
I am a little uneasy, Mom, who hit the child and the pro who is it? She may be you? She is you right? School for twelve years, you do not kiss me less, no less scolded me, and sometimes even "pops"! You quoted my teacher as saying that I "want to be a high-quality problem-solving machine," but my teacher will continue to say "more to become a quality person" ah.

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